She wasn't a particularly pretty girl,

her only element of remarkability was her clothes.

And even her clothes lacked any distinction

aside from the fact they were brimming full of her.

As I think back, I can't recall a feature of her plain

and freckled face.

I only remember that as she walked toward me, every

part of her moved in their own direction,

in their own rhythm and pace, like

a flock of birds selecting a new leader with each

flap of their wings.

As she passed me I paused and perused her

perambulating parade of pulsing parts.

Her shadow did a skip step and scrambled to

match her uneven gait.

And then my eye came to rest on that part of her bottom I             

thought to be the epicenter of her unearthly quakes.

It was then for a moment my very being was

tethered to her, Held fast in her orbit by an

ethereal stream of photons emanating from that tiny point.

The focus of my attention was on the lower cheek of

her right buttock, just a little right of center. For reasons

unknown to me, it has always been my favorite place.

Perhaps it is some focal point, an area of sexual energy. I don't

know, but that is the way it has always been. Transfixed

by that stretched and strained swatch of cloth, my eyes probed

beyond its cottony surface seeking the raw nakedness that lie beneath.

And as my eyes some times do, they probed too deeply and came

to rest on the whizzing molecules of that enchanted poignant point.

I looked closer and closer. I could see electrons, and looking closer still,

smaller bits and parts flying in every direction. Chaotic flights of bits

and parts, the future and the past colliding at the speed of light!

And in all the chaos there was order, the pieces danced together,

sharing the same distant music, swaying to some underlying rhythm.

I looked as closely as I could, but I couldn't fathom the force by which

they moved or what choreography pulsed them in their blurry shape.

It was obvious that sense and order were there, and plenty of it. I just

couldn't see it. I watched her until she was gone then shifted my gaze

and sipped my coffee, and puzzled about all the secrets of the Universe

in such a tiny spot on the little fat girl's bottom.